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Edinburgh – back to our second home

We lived in Edinburgh for 8 years back in the nineties and noughties and were very excited when we secured two house sits in our old ‘home’ town. The first sit was a little unusual as the house sit was divided between two sets of sitters. We were getting a handover from the first sitter and not the home owner. It all worked fine however and there were no problems.

Our home for this 7 day sit was a lovely two storey home with it’s own private backyard, only a short walk from where we used to live in Edinburgh.

Our menagerie of animals on this sit comprised: 1 dog, 1 cat, 3 chickens and some fish.

Robbie was an energetic 2 year old field spaniel that required four walks each day.  One long walk, generally at the nearby cemetery where he could run off-lead, and 3 shorter ones.

Robbie was a lovely, quiet dog with long ears. When I met other spaniel dog owners they would always comment and compliment Robbie on his ears (they had ‘ear envy’  LOL!).

Robbie – just a gorgeous boy

Pippa the cat was a British Shorthair with amazing orange eyes. When we stroked her, her coat felt like plush carpet.  She would often sit in Robbie’s bed forcing Robbie to lie on the floor.

The beautiful Pippa

We also had 3 chickens that roamed the yard and were allowed into the house. They weren’t house trained, so their time inside was usually quite brief.
Finally, we had an outdoor pond with a few fish that were very easy to care for.

The chickens come inside for a visit

We had unusually warm weather (for Edinburgh) during our time here. It was lovely spending time in the garden in the sunshine and going out for bike rides on the home owners bikes.

As the home owners were returning late at night we had arranged to leave before their arrival to go to our next sit (which was also in Edinburgh).
However, we returned the following morning to meet and have brunch with them, which was lovely.

Edinburgh is our second home and we hope to return again next year.

What the home owners said – “ ..While we were away they kept us up to date with how the sit was going and a few photos of the pets which was lovely. When we returned home the house was immaculate and the pets had clearly been well looked after. We would be delighted to have Glenn and Jacqueline sit for us again and have already started to think about dates for next summer…”

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