House Sit Schedule

Here’s a list of our completed and upcoming house sits.

We are currently booked up until mid November 2018. Please contact us directly to discuss if your dates are available.


Ajijic, Mexico                                    –   27th October to 18th November

Chiang Mai, Thailand                     –   4th September to 23rd October

Dubai, United Arab Emirates      –   19th August to 3rd September

Nicosia, Cyprus                                –   26th July to 19th August

Edinburgh, Scotland                       –   14th July to 26th July

Edinburgh, Scotland                       –   8th July to 14th July

Unavailable  (holiday)                   –   29th June to 7th July

March, England                               –   18th June to 28th June

Langlade, France                             –   25th May to 17th June

Santa Cristina d’Aro, Spain          –   7th May to 21st May

Unavailable  (break time)             –   1st May to 6th May

Valencia, Spain                                –   22nd April to 30th April

Unavailable  (break time)             –   15th April to 21st April

Mt Martha, Australia                      –   6th April to 14th April

Cranbourne, Australia                   –   15th March to 4th April

Langwarrin, Australia                   –   4th March to 14th March

Skye, Australia                                 –   19th February to 4th March

Singapore, Singapore                     –   13th February to 18th February

Unavailable  (break time)            –   31st January to 12th February

Chiang Mai, Thailand                     –   23rd January to 30th January


Unavailable  (break time)              –   23rd November to 22nd January
Chiang Mai, Thailand                      –   30th October to 22nd November
Chiang Mai, Thailand                      –   11th October to 26th October
Unavailable  (break time)              –   30th September to 10th October
Santa Cristina d’Aro, Spain           –   1st September to 29th September
Unavailable  (break time)              –   21st August to 31st August
Berkhamsted, England                   –   27th July to 20th August
Widdington, England                      –   3rd July to 26th July
Kempston, England                         –   30th June to 2nd July
Bramshill, England                          –   19th June to 29th June
Cambridge, England                        –   15th June to 18th June
Langlade, France                              –   23rd May to 14th June
Alcala La Real, Spain                       –   4th May to 23rd May
Riogordo, Spain                                –   18th April to 5th May
High Wycombe, England               –   12th April to 17th April


Santa Cristina d’Aro, Spain  –  30th August to 23rd September
Berkhamstead, England        –   3rd August to 27th August
Idaux-Mendy, France             –   21st July to 31st July
High Wycombe, England       –  12th July to 18th July
Strathaven, Scotland              –   24th June to 12th July
Wetherby, England                 –    1st June to 17th June
Getares, Spain                          –   29th April to 15th May
Riogordo, Spain                       –   19th April to 28th April
Hua Hin, Thailand                  –    4th April to 15th April
Hong Kong                                –   25th March to 3rd April


Hua Hin, Thailand                  – 11th December to 20th December



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