House Sit Schedule

Here’s a list of our completed and upcoming house sits.

2018 is here and our calendar is starting to fill up. Please contact us directly to discuss if your dates are available.


Chiang Mai, Thailand                     –   late August to late October

Nicosia, Cyprus                                –   26th July to 19th August

Edinburgh, Scotland                       –   14th July to 26th July

Edinburgh, Scotland                       –   8th July to 14th July

Unavailable  (holiday)                   –   29th June to 7th July

Available                                            –   17th June to 28th June

Langlade, France                             –   25th May to 19th June

Santa Christina d’Aro, Spain        –   7th May to 21st May

Unavailable  (break time)             –   1st May to 6th May

Valencia, Spain                                 –   22nd April to 30th April

Unavailable  (break time)             –   15th April to 21st April

Mt Martha, Australia                      –   6th April to 14th April

Cranbourne, Australia                   –   15th March to 4th April

Langwarrin, Australia                   –   4th March to 14th March

Skye, Australia                                 –   19th February to 4th March

Singapore, Singapore                     –   13th February to 18th February

Unavailable  (break time)            –   31st January to 12th February

Chiang Mai, Thailand                     –   23rd January to 30th January


Unavailable  (break time)              –   23rd November to 22nd January
Chiang Mai, Thailand                      –   30th October to 22nd November
Chiang Mai, Thailand                      –   11th October to 26th October
Unavailable  (break time)              –   30th September to 10th October
Santa Christina d’Aro, Spain        –   1st September to 29th September
Unavailable  (break time)              –   21st August to 31st August
Berkhamsted, England                   –   27th July to 20th August
Widdington, England                      –   3rd July to 26th July
Kempston, England                         –   30th June to 2nd July
Bramshill, England                          –   19th June to 29th June
Cambridge, England                        –   15th June to 18th June
Langlade, France                              –   23rd May to 14th June
Alcala La Real, Spain                       –   4th May to 23rd May
Riogordo, Spain                                –   18th April to 5th May
High Wycombe, England               –   12th April to 17th April


Santa Cristina d’Aro, Spain  –  30th August to 23rd September
Berkhamstead, England        –   3rd August to 27th August
Idaux-Mendy, France             –   21st July to 31st July
High Wycombe, England       –  12th July to 18th July
Strathaven, Scotland              –   24th June to 12th July
Wetherby, England                 –    1st June to 17th June
Getares, Spain                          –   29th April to 15th May
Riogordo, Spain                       –   19th April to 28th April
Hua Hin, Thailand                  –    4th April to 15th April
Hong Kong                                –   25th March to 3rd April


Hua Hin, Thailand                  – 11th December to 20th December



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