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Our Golden Anniversary of house sits

December 2015 – our first house sit for 6 cats in Thailand

We’ve found the saying “time flies when you’re having fun” to be so true. Since our first house sit in Thailand in December 2015 the time has just flown by. We’ve travelled all over the globe from Australia to Asia to Europe to the Middle East to North America and enjoyed so many memorable homes, home owners and most importantly – pets.

We didn’t realise until just recently that in August 2019 we completed our 50th house sit!

When we embarked on our house sitting journey I don’t think we had any idea how exciting and fulfilling our life would become. We’ve loved meeting so many amazing people – be they home owners, other travellers or fellow house sitters, and forming wonderful new friendships.

We can’t thank home owners enough for the kindness and generosity they have shown us in so many different ways. It is so humbling and we are always blown away that they have entrusted their homes and furry family members to our care. We know what a big decision it is to have, in essence, complete strangers living in their home and caring for their pets. We truly appreciate the trust you place in us and always endeavour to ensure you can go away worry free on your holidays.

As an aside, our 50th sit turned out to be a repeat sit in Edinburgh. We were looking after the beautiful Field Spaniel Robbie, Pippa a gorgeous British Short hair cat, three chickens and 5 Koi pond fish.

As usual, we enjoyed our few weeks together with our temporary Scottish family. The bonus this time was that the dates co-incided with the Edinburgh Fringe Festival so we were able to enjoy the annual festivities too.

We have no intention of stopping our house sitting journey any time soon and looking forward to seeing where our next 50 sits take us!!!!

PS – if you’re interested in reading about some of our adventures from our house sitting travels take a look at our travel blog – Lambies Travels or our youtube channel .

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