House Sitting

On the road again – it begins in the UK

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It has begun!

After 6 months of preparing for our new full time lifestyle, our journey begins.

We didn’t complete everything we planned to do, you never do, I guess. But the moment had come to leave our home and make our way to the airport.

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House Sitting

Lexi, Claudia & Saffie

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On the road again for a short house sit of 5 days in High Wycombe, which is about 40 mins from London, to look after Lexi Рa 4 year old Cockapoo and two beautiful cats РClaudia and Saffie.

When house sitting we always plan to arrive the day prior to the owners leaving to provide ample time to meet our new ‘family’ and familiarize ourselves with their routine as well as the house.¬†Unfortunately, the best laid plans do not always come to fruition.

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