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Building a Business with a new Pet in tow

Welcoming a pet into your life can bring instant joy and fulfillment. But when you’re also trying to start or grow your small business, the challenges that come with a new pet tend to amplify.
So, how do you succeed at both of the jobs ahead of you?
The Aussie Lambs have some tips for how you can use available resources and make a plan for building your business while taking care of your new furry family member:

Figure Out What to Outsource

No matter the type of business you’re starting, you’ll be hard-pressed to do everything on your own. Not only will outsourcing certain tasks increase the productivity and efficiency of your business, but it will also help you avoid becoming overwhelmed and burned out. Moreover, it will leave you more time to focus on running your company and caring for your pet. Think of any jobs that you either lack the expertise for or detest doing, and find qualified professionals to handle them.

You can find reputable freelancers via job boards like Upwork for a wide variety of tasks and projects. For example, a virtual assistant could take care of all your menial everyday responsibilities like fielding phone calls, responding to emails, and invoicing clients. A graphic designer could help you create eye-catching online marketing materials. A web designer could help you produce a killer business website. All you have to do is post your requirements on the job board and connect with potential candidates. Furthermore, working with freelancers is very cost-effective. For instance, a web designer will typically charge $15 to $30 an hour.

Incorporate Business Tech

Along with hiring freelancers, look into the various technologies that can help you run your business efficiently. There are plenty of communication, project management, time tracking, and financial management apps and tools on the market. Do your research, and invest in anything that will save you time and help you move your business forward.

Look to Smart Pet Gadgets

The same goes for your pet: there’s plenty of tech that can improve your pet’s life and free up more time for you two to spend together. For example, there are GPS collars, fitness robots, health trackers, automatic feeders, pet doors, and pet cameras that will integrate with your mobile device for easy operation.

Establish Your Pet’s Space

One of the most important steps in welcoming your pet into their new home is to carve them out their own living space. If you’re going to be working throughout most of the day, it might be ideal to set them up in a spot in or near your office. Make sure they have a comfortable bed, blankets, toys, and access to food and water.

Develop a Routine

Routine is critical for pets, so you’ll want to establish a routine as soon as possible for your new pet. This includes feeding times, potty times, playtimes, walks, and any other activities that your pet will be engaging in on a daily basis. Try to remain as consistent as possible with your pet’s routine, and take advantage of these moments to spend quality time together.

Find a Sitter

Finally, you never know when you’ll need a helping hand with your pet. If you take business trips or a well deserved holiday then you could benefit from hiring a pet sitter to take care of your pet while you’re away. The Aussie Lambs have many years of experience with providing top-notch pet sitting services, and would love to care for your pet!

It’s no easy task to build a business. And it’s definitely no easy task to build a business while simultaneously welcoming a new pet into your home. Consider the tips above as you navigate the challenges, and you and your pet both will thrive in the season ahead!

Thanks to Jessica Brody of Our Best for writing this guest blog.

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