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Fun with Freddie

Here we are house sitting in a town called March (in the United Kingdom) which is a silly name because it makes you think of the month March and not a town.

Nevertheless we are looking after a beautiful, fluffy Samoyed called Freddie. Our time here is only nine days but long enough to explore this pretty town and nearby Peterborough which is a historical city with a beautiful cathedral.

Freddie was super sweet and a delight to care for. He loved absolutely everyone, except the mailman. The post box had to be moved from the front door to the street!

The gorgeous Freddie

Freddie was a very clever fellow and had worked out how to open doors the doors in the house. When we left the house, we had to place chairs in front of certain doors to prevent him from opening them.

Part of our daily routine was two daily walks and a brush. The walks were easy, but Freddie did not like getting brushed and only a few minutes of grooming was all he would tolerate before running away. So between us we would ‘chase’ him around the back yard – each with a brush/comb in hand, to give a good grooming.

Trying to give Freddie a brush proved challenging at times

Freddie’s ‘20 minute walks’ always took double that time as people of all ages, especially children, wanted to stop and  pet him and ask lots of questions. We, well actually Freddie, felt like a celebrity.

Before we knew the home owners had returned and it was time for us to leave for the airport. Our next stop was to be Frankfurt, Germany where we were taking a break from house sitting and doing a 7 day cycling holiday along the Rhine River. You can read about that here.

Until next time……

What the home owners said – “ They are a lovely couple and very professional and we went on holiday feeling very comfortable that our precious dog would be well looked after. They kept us updated whilst on holiday with messages and pictures and we returned home to a very happy pooch and our home was clean, tidy and had been well cared for ”

2 thoughts on “Fun with Freddie”

  1. Oh Freddie looks a real character. And he is most definitely very beautiful. I can imagine his celebrity style status as you took him on daily walks. And look at all the hair he dropped! No wonder he got bored with grooming, he could have been there all day. Good luck with your cycling holiday along the Rhine 🙂

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