References – 2017 and 2016

Maggi and Blunden ~ Chiang Mai, Thailand    (November 2017)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJacqueline and Glenn were fantastic house sitters during our recent 3 week absence! We left on our trip without any hesitation of their capabilities, motivation or diligence. We were updated on how things were back home at mutually agreed intervals and we were able to contact them at any time if necessary. They were wonderful with our dog and maintained the daily routines of exercise and cuddles he is used to. They asked sensible questions from the outset and adhered to our wishes, particularly ‘tick’ searches!! Result is house and garden clean and maintained, dog wonderfully happy, and stress free time away for us !! We would love to be able to have them back at some point in the future and as a bonus we were very happy to have met such lovely people.

Steve and Mary ~ Chiang Mai, Thailand    (October 2017)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe recently had Glenn and Jacqueline stay in our home and care for the house and two cats, Scooby and Jack. The sit was for two weeks in Chiang Mai, Thailand, while my wife and I were away on holiday. We were aware of Glenn and Jacqueline’s reputation as great house sitters and went away knowing everything would be taken care of. Our cats absolutely adored the both of them. We have personally observed the interaction between them and can state that our cats seek them out for “cuddle time”. Glenn and Jacqueline were very thorough during the pre-sit interview and even asked questions regarding possible eventualities that we hadn’t even considered. All in all, we would not hesitate in the least to recommend Glenn and Jacqueline to anyone wanting good, reliable, caring and professional house sitters.

Chris and Diane ~ Santa Cristina d’Aro, Spain    (September 2017)

IMG_20170902_140507353_HDRWe were very pleased that Glenn and Jacqueline where able to house/pet sit for us for a second time here on the Spanish Costa Brava. Last year was the first time they looked after our house and our elderly cat whilst we were away for 3 weeks. This year we confidently left them in charge of our house and our new family member a very playful young Shih Tzu dog ( sadly our cat had passed away earlier in the year). It was like leaving a new baby but we were confident that he would be well looked after and perhaps even a little spoilt.
Upon our return from our 4 week trip our little dog was pleased to see us but very obviously not overly bothered that we had returned. We knew he had had a good time with Glenn and Jacqueline from the regular emails and whatsApps complete with photos that they had sent us. The house and garden was ‘spick and span’, so nice to return from a holiday and not have to clean and tidy up and catch up on the backlog of gardening.
Glenn and Jacqueline take on the task with a high degree of professionalism; they even sent us a pre sit questionnaire to ensure that they had all the relevant information with regard the house and our pets requirements.
We have no hesitation in recommending Glenn and Jacqueline, they are both very easy to get on with and a very nice couple who genuinely want to do a good job and mix in with the locals.

Jo ~ Berkhamsted, England    (August 2017)

20160806_175039 reducedGlenn and Jacqueline came to sit for us for the second time this summer. We had been so delighted with the arrangement the previous year that we planned our holiday around when they were free!
The sit was for 3 weeks in August, 2017 in Hertfordshire UK. We have only one pet, a cocker spaniel, who is reasonably well behaved but likes a lot of attention, affection and exercise and Glenn and Jacqueline provided all three in great quantities. In fact the dog has been sulking since they left as he’s back to one walk a day and not as many tummy rubs as he’d got used to having!
Knowing G&J had everything covered at home meant that we could relax and enjoy our holiday without any worries about what might await us on our return. We knew from previous experience that the house would be immaculate, the dog well fed and exercised and that if any problems had arisen they would have handled them thoughtfully. With Glenn and Jacqueline it’s not a question of meeting stated needs and requirements but surpassing them: they seem to find things to do that are way beyond what is expected but a lovely bonus e.g. they pressure washed the patio.
Communication before and during the sit was great. They are very organized and like to have all their arrival and departure details pinned down well in advance and ask for comprehensive information about the sit in advance and have many good questions when they arrive. While we were away we agreed that they would use whatsapp to send messages ‘as and when’ and we received several short updates and pictures. They were very easy to talk to and nice to have around when we overlapped before our departure and when we got back.
The only thing that would stop us recommending them would be that this might mean they get too busy to sit for us again! We would have no hesitation in asking them to sit again and would encourage anyone who’s thinking about a house-sitter to ask them as they provide the perfect home-sitting experience. They treat pets with care and warmth, your home with respect and are now, for us, a crucial component of a properly relaxing holiday!

Chris and Sue ~ Widdington, England    (July 2017)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe first started looking for house/pet-sitters back in late 2016 and had numerous responses, however, we soon warmed to Glenn and Jacqueline as they communicated very clearly both by email and on Skype calls, and quickly allayed any concerns that we had about leaving our house & pets in the hands of complete strangers.
They looked after our house and menagerie while we were away for three weeks in July 2017, and we had a very relaxing break entirely confident in the knowledge that everything was being looked after while we were away. Our two chocolate Labradors instantly took a shine to them and seem to have had a wonderful time even continuing their weekly obedience and agility dog training.
The dogs were walked daily, the chickens were fed, watered and had their eggs collected, and our indoor/outdoor fish were also looked after.
When we returned the house was cleaner than when we left it and, as discussed beforehand, our fruit trees had been pruned and our garden had been looked after.
I would wholeheartedly recommend the Lambs to anyone looking for house-sitters, we will definitely be using them again if our diaries allow.

Rich and Jane ~ Kempston, England    (July 2017)

IMG_20170701_174222318Glenn and Jacqueline – what a brilliant couple. They looked after our Welsh Terrier Tosh for a weekend in July 2017 in Kempston. They walked Tosh, fed him, watered him and loved him as he does love a cuddle and a lean against you. We received pictures and updates every day which gave us peace of mind, not that we worried much as Tosh bonded with them right away.
The guys are really professional, before the sit we had a Skype call to talk about what was needed and answer any questions, we completed a questionnaire which gave them all the info they needed and covered things we would not even have thought of. They arrived the night before the sit to meet Tosh and get to know him. It was as if we had known them for ages.
Glenn loves gardening and our weeding was done and he pruned a couple of trees too – we did not ask him to do this he just loves being outside and in the garden. It was a lovely surprise when we got back.
Jacqueline cooks a mean pumpkin soup which she kindly made for us. The house was spotless when we returned, probably better than when we left it…….
I would not hesitate to recommend them and indeed when we move to France, if we ever get a holiday, we will see if they are free first.

Lucy and Shaun ~ Bramshill, England    (June 2017)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGlenn and Jacqueline were booked ages ago for their one week sit for us. Everything went like clockwork after agreeing via Skype. They looked after everything beautifully and our 3 Jack Russell bitches had their routine walks by the river and much love and attention.
They were here during a short heatwave, and kept up endless watering and deadheading in the garden. We came back to everything blooming and looking great.
They are the most professional couple, and it was a pleasure to have met them and hopefully we can have them again. We highly recommend them for all pets and garden. The house was immaculate.

Alison ~ Cambridge, England    (June 2017)

Glenn and Jacqui are a lovely couple. They immediately bonded with Hux and kept us informed during their stay. They left the house clean and tidy. They also left us yummy pastries when they left and sent great photos afterward of Hux’s time with them. I’d definitely contact them again to sit.

Marjolijn and Hans ~ Langlade, France    (June 2017)

This was the first time we had used house sitters through a website, we were apprehensive whether we had made the right decision. After inviting Glenn and Jacqueline to house sit for us, care for our cats Lola and Pedro and look after our house in the south of France we arranged to use Skype to discuss all the ins and outs.
We talked for about an hour and liked them immediately, we were very happy they decided to take up the house-sitting job.
We arranged for them to arrive 2 days before we departed on our 17 day trip in May/June 2017 which would give us ample time to familiarise them with our house and the cats which worked out very well.
It was very clear that they were experienced house sitters and were dedicated to the task. They asked many questions and wanted to know exactly how everything worked.
We started our holiday without any worries as we felt we had left everything in safe hands.
We received regular emails and photos confirming all was well and that Lola and Pedro were doing fine.
They took very good care of the house, the animals and the surroundings.
We would like to engage Glenn and Jacqueline again in the future.  They take on the responsibilities very professionally, are fully trustworthy and were the perfect house guests and we became friends.
We can recommend them to anyone looking for caring house and pet sitters.

Sylvia and David ~ Las Grajeras, Spain    (May 2017)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGlenn & Jacqueline looked after our dog, 2 cats and pondfish at our Spanish cortijo in Andalucia for almost 3 weeks in May 2017.
This included maintaining the swimming pool, pond, pot plants and large garden. Before their arrival communications were very good making arranging the sit very simple.
They kept us informed of their arrival time and took careful note of all our requirements for the house and our pets.
We have had a number of sitters and can honestly say Glenn & Jacqueline did the best job. They quickly gained the trust of Rossi our dog and cats Chi & Ozzy and sent pictures and updates during their stay.
We returned to happy pets and a lovely clean house, pool and grounds. So definitely have no hesitation in recommending them as sitters.

Rose – Riogordo, Spain    (April 2017)

Riogordo-20160420_160606I was so pleased that Glenn and Jacqueline were able to return this year to sit for my little cat for two weeks in April/May 2017. It is very reassuring to go away and know that Frank is well cared for – and reluctantly has his sun cream applied every day. Regular photos and updates of his fickleness are comforting!!
They take such good care of everything – working in the garden and maintaining the pool as if it were their own home. On my return I find the house cleaner than when I left and no end of jobs done!!
I highly recommend Glenn and Jacqueline as sitters and do hope that they will be able to return again next year.

David and Carolyn ~ High Wycombe, England    (April 2017)

Always 5 stars. Reliable, trust-worthy, lovely couple who take great care with our pets for a worry-free holiday. Highly recommend.

Chris and Diane ~ Santa Cristina d’Aro, Spain    (September 2016)

As this was the first time that we had used pet house sitters we were apprehensive as to whether we had made the right decision to go down this route. After inviting Glenn and Jacqueline to house sit for us, care for our cat Alfie and look after our house on the Costa Brava, Spain they arranged to Skype us to discuss our requirements. Immediately my wife and I warmed to the two Aussies and we knew we had made the right choice.
We arranged for them to arrive the day before we departed on our 23 day trip which would give us time to familiarise them with our house and Alfie which worked out very well. It was very apparent that these two were experienced house sitters and were dedicated to the task. We left to go on our holiday without any concerns as we felt we had left everything in very good and safe hands.
Whilst we were away we received regular emails and photos confirming all was well and that Alfie was very obviously not missing us at all and was enjoying his new found friends who were giving him plenty of attention.
It was an added bonus to return and find our house clean and tidy and have the garden looking great too.
Would we engage Glenn and Jacqueline again?  Most certainly without any shadow of a doubt what so ever. They take on the responsibilities very professionally, are fully trustworthy and were the perfect house guests.

Jo ~ Berkhamsted, England    (August 2016)

Glenn and Jacqueline house sat and looked after our cocker spaniel for 3.5 weeks in August. If I knew my holidays dates for next year I’d have booked them again straight away!
The house had been beautifully looked after, and the dog was very happy particularly as he’d received many more walks than we usually manage to give him. He had clearly been given lots of care, attention and affection as well as exercise. I had felt confident before the sit started because of the diligence of Glenn & Jacqueline in finding out about the house, the dog and the area, so I felt they were fully prepared for the sit. We had 36 hours before our departure for more familiarisation but I think that even with less time, given their experience and resourcefulness, I would have felt just as comfortable.
Although there were no problems for them to deal with when we were away I am sure they would have handled any issues competently. When we returned they had not only looked after everything as expected but fixed some broken bikes, tidied the garden and done other much appreciated jobs which weren’t expected at all! This was our first experience of house sitters and since then we have recommended THS widely and would recommend Glenn & Jacqueline fully too.

Louise and Alistair ~ Idaux-Mendy, France    (July 2016)

Jacqueline and Glenn house sat for 9 days for us in July 2016 in France, looking after our 3 legged Labrador and feisty Jack Russell. They were very professional on the lead up to the sit and made good contact which was fantastic given the slightly strange situation of having someone that you don’t know come and look after your home and beloved pets. They asked loads of questions about the animals to make sure they had all the information that they needed to look after them which was really reassuring.
Our Labrador having 3 legs is now developing arthritis in his hips and balancing his exercise requirements and medication requirements is not straight forward as it can be so changeable  but they had clearly kept a close eye on him and  he was in absolute full health when we returned. They are both super friendly and clearly loved looking after the dogs even to the point that there are rumours that Issie, the Jack Russell, may have spent a few nights on (or maybe in!!) their bed!! We came home to happy dogs, clean home (and my ironing done which was amazing!) plus loads of gardening done which was well above and beyond but for which we were really grateful (Glenn could see I needed help!)
We would absolutely recommend Glenn and Jacqueline to look after anyone’s home and pets and sincerely hope they come back to look after ours soon.

David and Carolyn ~ High Wycombe, England    (July 2016)

Glenn & Jacqueline house-sat for us in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire for five days in July 2016. Prior to arriving, they were professional, friendly and thorough in all communications to ensure the house-sit would be a success, ie we exchanged detailed notes on arrangements, our pets, their travel details and our travel details, so that we all felt comfortable with the measures in place. Both parties found a skype call especially valuable in getting to know each other prior to meeting and we were thrilled to find that they were as personable, trustworthy and lovely as we thought.
They looked after our 4 year-old cockapoo ‘Lexi’ and our two 6 year old cats ‘Saffie’ and ‘Claudia’, which required morning and evening meals/fresh water and of course Lexi required walking, as well as a tablet at meal times. We felt we could totally trust them with our pets and our home when leaving for our holiday and whilst away they kindly sent us daily pictures and updates on our pets, which was reassuring and much appreciated.
All was well upon our return, with our pets clearly relaxed and happy in their company. We are confident in recommending Glenn & Jacqueline in any and every situation as house and pet-sitters and would absolutely re-book them if we could tempt them back to High Wycombe!

Nancy ~ Strathaven, Scotland    (July 2016)

I had the good fortune to secure Jacqueline and Glenn to house and dog sit for me here in South west Scotland when I was in the USA for some 16 days in June/July 2016. They looked after and provided care and companionship to 5 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels ranging in ages from 15 months to 13 years. They fed them, walked them, groomed and most importantly loved them. Although the area at the back of the house is securely gated and locked I am very nervous about the busy road at the front of the house, because, lovely and kind as Cavaliers are, they have no road sense at all. I was instantly confident that Jacqui and Glenn took that on board and I had no concerns about the safety and well-being of my little family in my absence.
It was a delight to come home to be welcomed as always by the dogs, in immaculate condition, and by Glenn and Jacqueline and my house, also in immaculate condition. In slightly jet-lagged form, it was such a treat to be provided with a delightfully prepared meal too.
The Aussie Lambs are straightforward, open and friendly folk. I deem them to be wholly trustworthy and most importantly, genuinely empathetic to my pets. I will be immensely pleased if they were at any time able to fulfil a further house sitting requirement for me, and would have no hesitation in recommending them to other pet/home owners.

Gill ~ Wetherby, England    (June 2016)

From the moment we met at the airport in Leeds we realised that from the questions Glenn and Jacqueline were asking about my home and dogs that they would be in dedicated and professional hands. They showed an unprecedented level of understanding, patience, kindness and commitment to my four small Brussels Griffons .
While away we had continuous updates and photos of the dogs, showing us how happy they were to be cared for by this lovely couple. It made our 14 days in Portugal all the more enjoyable as we had no worries at all about the dogs or the cottage.
We returned to a well cared for house and garden, and Glenn and Jacqueline had even made us a lovely dinner .
Glenn and Jacqueline are genuine professionals, with a gift for nurturing trust from pets and owners alike.

Patricia & Pierre ~ Getares, Spain    (May 2016)

Glenn and Jacqueline sat our dog and home during our vacations the two first weeks of May 2016 in Getares neighbourhood (Algeciras).
They took special care of our beloved Scoline, a 14 year old black female labrador-epagnol. During our absence, we kept in touch with whatsapp receiving often pictures and news of her.
After our return, we were very surprised and grateful to find the home clean and tidy and Scoline in very good shape and happy and furthermore a delicious supper that Jacqueline had prepared for us. They also took us to the airport and picked us up when we came back.
Glenn and Jacqueline are a trustworthy, responsible and proactive couple and most of all they truly love the animals. One can’t help but become friends after spending time with them, that’s why we highly recommend them for sitting your pet(s) and home.

Rose ~ Riogordo, Spain    (April 2016)

Glenn and Jacqueline sat for me and Frank, my cat, here in Southern Spain for 10 days in April 2016.
They are a very warm, friendly and capable couple and in my absence worked very hard in the garden – which I hadn’t expected – and maintained the pool well.
Communication via whatsapp was good and I could relax completely.
On my return everything was spic and span and Jacqueline had even prepared a tasty meal.
Frank was very happy with all the cuddles he got and they had – with difficulty – applied his sun cream daily.
I would highly recommend them and hope they may be able to return to my home sometime in the future.
In my opinion they are perfect sitters and it was a pleasure to meet them.

Chris & Louise ~ Hua Hin, Thailand    (April 2016)

Glenn and Jacqueline looked after our house and cats for ten days in April 2016. It was the second time they have looked after our property and pets, so we already knew our home was in safe hands.
They took great care of our six cats while we were away. They kept us informed of any situations, such as one of our cats needing treatment for a tail injury, via Skype, e-mail etc. Our house was in beautiful condition when we returned and our pets were all in good health.
We would love to use Glenn & Jacqueline as house sitters again and we could not recommend them highly enough.

Holly ~ Hong Kong    (March 2016)

Glenn and Jacqueline sat for us over Easter and we were very happy happy with them. Unfortunately there was a bit of an incident with our nervous rescue dog but they dealt with it really well in a calm, efficient and professional manner.
The house was very clean on return and I think they may have even cleaned our fridge… That is definitely above and beyond what was expected!
Our dog was well exercised and cared for throughout our absence and we were kept updated regularly.
We would definitely recommend and have back if they were ever in Hong Kong again.

Chris & Louise ~ Hua Hin, Thailand    (December 2015)

Glenn and Jacqueline took wonderful care of our house and family of 6 cats in December. They are a personable and friendly couple who were very comfortable with the requirements of looking after our home and pets. We had trades and contractors working on the property during our absence and they dealt with any issues that arose. They are reliable and trustworthy and we would recommend them unreservedly.

Character References

Dell Duckett ~ Australia

I have known  Glenn and Jacqueline for 15 years. During that time they have house sat for me and my very fussy cat many times. They are honest, reliable and trustworthy. Anyone who wanted their house/property/animals looked after by them would have no worries at all.

Brian Bijdeveldt ~ Australia

BrianI have known Glenn and Jacqui for over twenty years and in that time have found them to be honest and trustworthy. Their standards, both in work and private life, are high and uncompromising. They both bring a passion for travel, the environment and people that has seen them travel to most continents of the earth.Without hesitation I would recommend Glenn and Jacqui to entrust your home to. Your best interests are in good hands!

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Jan Booth ~ Australia

AppleMarkTo Whom It May Concern: I have known Glenn & Jacqui Lamb for over 35 years. They have been loyal friends. They are honest, fun, hard working & diligent in everything they do. I would recommend them to look after your house, property and pets any time.

Carol Hay ~ Australia

Carol hayI have advised Glenn and Jacqueline Lamb on their financial planning for 20 years, and know them to be hard working, responsible, professional and meticulous. They also have a genuine curiosity and enthusiasm for discovering other countries and cultures. I have no hesitation in recommending them if you need someone to look after your home or pets.