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On the road again – it begins in the UK

IMG_20170414_111839518 reduced

It has begun!

After 6 months of preparing for our new full time lifestyle, our journey begins.

We didn’t complete everything we planned to do, you never do, I guess. But the moment had come to leave our home and make our way to the airport.

We had sold both of our cars so were thankful to Jacqueline’s parents for driving us to the train station.

We flew to Heathrow, London from Melbourne, but broke up the long flight with a three night stop over in Kuala Lumpur.

Our new ‘location independent’ life began with our first house sit (for this year) returning to High Wycombe for 5 days over the Easter period. Carolyn & David are a lovely couple we sat for last year and we were looking forward to seeing them again.

They kindly met us at the airport and we were thrilled to see that Lexi was with them.

It was the perfect opportunity to relax and unwind with a sit where we were already familiar with the home and pets after the previously hectic months.

IMG_20170414_144147063 reduced
Jacqueline adjusting to the new time zone with Lexi

It was business as usual looking after Lexi, Claudia & Saffie once David & Carolyn left for their holiday to Gibraltar however they returned just a few minutes after leaving. Saffie had jumped into the back of their car while they were putting in their suitcases (unbeknownst to them) and her meowing had alerted them to their extra passenger as they drove to the airport!

High Wycombe-2016-07-19-071 reduced
Saffie – who almost spent 4 days in the Heathrow airport car park!!!

We enjoyed lots of cuddles with our fur babies and big walks each day for Lexi. We also spent time at home chilling with our charges, watching some movies and allowing our body clock adjust to this new time zone.

IMG_20170416_081331197 reduced
Relaxing with Lexi and Claudia

We even took a short taxi ride with Lexi to the nearby town of Marlow for lunch and a walk along the River Thames.

Walking along the Thames River at Marlow

All too quickly David & Carolyn returned from their short break in Gibraltar where they had enjoyed beautiful, sunny and warm weather. Coming from the UK David was not used to this weather (LOL!) and returned all sunburnt with his face absolutely ‘glowing’.

The following day, David & Carolyn drove us to the local bus station where we caught our bus to Luton Airport. Hugs and kisses for everyone as we left but we know we will see them and our favourite pooch, Lexi, again.

What the owners said“…Always 5* Reliable, trust-worthy, lovely couple who take great care with our pets for a worry-free holiday. Highly recommend....”

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