House Sitting

Six cats in Hua Hin, Thailand

Hua Hin-2016-04-11-070 Glenn and Mica

This was our second time in Hua Hin having looked after the family of 6 cats for their lovely owners, Chris and Louise, back in December 2015. We were delighted when they contacted us and we were available so didn’t hesitate to say “yes”.

Their family of six cats have completely different personalities.

Jasper, Callie, Chloe are siblings and about 15 months old.  Collectively called “the kittens”. Chloe is very shy, Callie at times can be very vocal, especially when she wants attention, and Jasper -well, he’s the bossy one, but loves lots and  lots of cuddles.

Molly and Mica are older cats (about 12 years old) and spend most of the day sleeping. Mica was not well on our first visit, but is now on regular medication and is a happier and healthier cat.

Finally, there is Moggi – a rescue cat. Very sweet and friendly, but unfortunately considered an outsider and not well received by the other cats.  As such, Moggi needed to be ‘escorted’ when she came into the house for her meals.

Besides giving Mica medication in the morning and evening with her food, the cats generally came and went as they liked.  We were their ‘servants’ opening and closing doors and ensuring the water and food bowls were always topped up.

On day 2 of our house sit Jasper greeted us with a damaged and bloody tail. After providing care to Jasper we advised the owners of his injury. Later that day we decided to take Jasper to the vet to have his wounded tail attended too. Jasper was in quite a lot of pain and the vet needed to sedate Jasper to clean and bandage his wound. On our return home from the vet we stayed with Jasper until late in the night as he recovered from the effects of the sedation. Jasper was also prescribed oral antibiotic and pain relief medication which we administered daily as well as daily management of his tail wound. We took care of these and follow up visits to the vet until Chris and Louise returned.

Hua Hin-2016-04-11-004
Jasper (with his bandaged tail) enjoying some play time during his recovery

On this visit we were without water for 3 days.  We contacted the appropriate body about ‘why and when’ it would be reinstated, but this is Thailand and you need to go with the ‘flow’. Eventually, the water was restored to normal operation.

In addition to looking after our new ‘family’ we also watered the garden and pot plants, swept up leaves (that blew in everyday from a large tree in the front garden) and kept their beautiful pool clear of leaves and debris.

Hua Hin-041
The beautiful pool area

And of course, we cant forget about feeding the fish in their aquarium!

Despite the few challenges we had with this visit, we look forward to seeing Chris & Louise again and caring for our favourite feline friends.

2016 - Hua Hin1
Our feline friends (clockwise from top left) – Jasper, Molly, Mica, Moggi, Callie & Chloe


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