House Sitting

A Spanish cat called Frank


Our first house sit in Europe, takes us to the small town of Riogordo, on the Costa Del Sol in Spain to look after ‘Frank’ the cat.  This house was located in a beautiful,  rural area surrounded by hills,  and olive and almond trees and 5km from the local town. Rose (Frank’s mum)  is a lovely English lady who has been living in Spain for nearly 30 years.

Our responsibilities were to care for Frank and his home, which is on about 30,000 sq metres, as well as tend the garden and maintain the pool. Being garden lovers,  Rose’s home gave us an opportunity to do some weeding,  pruning and general garden maintenance. Glenn even took the opportunity of training an old grapevine to grow over the cottages outside pergola.

Riogordo IMG-20160429-WA0000
Training the grapevine

One unique feature of this sit was that early each evening a shepherd would come with his herd of 100+ goats to graze on the vegetation beneath the olive and almond trees. We would hear them coming long before we saw them as their bells chimed in the distance.

The local shepherd and part of his herd of goats

Frank had his own unique personality. He drank his water from a glass on a low table and when you were outside working in the garden he would follow you around.  I think he thought himself as a real man. Frank also loved getting brushed, but hated having  sunscreen applied to his ears. Of an evening he would snuggle up with us on the couch and enjoy plenty of cuddles and attention.

We enjoyed this house sit so much we told Rose and Frank we will be back next year.

Frank overseeing the pool maintenance

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