House Sitting

A view to Gibraltar

On the beach (with Gibraltar in the background)

A few weeks in May found us in Spain for a second time house sitting a beautiful labrador named ‘Scoline’. She lived in a lovely 2 bedroom apartment 150 metres from the beach at Getares, a small beachside community  with a view to Gibraltar and Africa.

Scoline had a beautiful nature and those sad puppy dogs eyes, so we fell in love with her instantly. She is 14 years old but is still very active for her age.

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Living in an apartment meant that Scoline had no access to a garden. We walked her 3 times each day and she happily trotted beside us with her tail wagging the whole time. She was also a clever girl and able to go to the toilet on command (pee pee or kaka).  This is something I wished our dog back in Melbourne could do!
Besides walking Scoline and giving her lots of cuddles (remember she had those sad puppy dogs eyes), she required medication and a specific feeding regime each evening (including treats). She also loved getting brushed every day.

Walking along the beachfront at Getares

Whilst the Algeciras area is not a popular destination for overseas tourists, it has a lovely Spanish feel about it and there are beautiful, clean beaches to swim in. We stayed in Getares, just 25 minutes away from Gibraltar. From this area you can get a fast ferry to Morocco, Africa but we found some other beautiful places to visit including Tarifa, Bolonia, Castillo de Castellar and the ancient moorish town of Cadiz.

One of the great benefits of house sitting is that you make new friends with the people you are doing the house sit for. Scoline’s mum and dad, Patricia and Pierre, were two such people that we really ‘clicked with’. We will keep in contact with them and visit should we return to this area again.

We had a great time in the south west of Spain and hope to return in the future.

Enjoying lunch with Scoline’s mum and dad!

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