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The sock thief

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Back in the UK for another house sit – this time in Berkhamsted for nearly 4 weeks looking after Trigger, a beautiful 2 yo blue roan cocker spaniel.

With every sit we find little quirks with each pet we look after.

Trigger liked to ‘suck’ on a blanket and after his big walk he would get a carrot as a special treat. Trigger would immediately sit by the fridge after his walk in anticipation of his carrot treat.

Another oddity we found about Trigger was that he also liked socks – apparently smelly ones and he even stole them from the washing machine!
We were also warned that he was a food thief, so keep a close eye on your dinner.

20160821_164712 reduced
Trigger pulled this sock out of the washing machine

Besides that, Trigger was a super friendly dog and easy to look after. His only demands were a few walks, tug o war with his blanket and a lap to sit on when you’re sitting on the couch.

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Berkhamsted  is near the Chiltern Hills which has lots of lovely countryside and is classified as an area of outstanding natural beauty.  This gave us plenty of opportunities to take Trigger for off-lead walks where he could run around and meet other dogs.

The Grand Union canal runs through Berkhamsted and we had many pleasant outings walking or cycling along the canal, watching the canal boats go through the many lochs and enjoying a cool drink.
We were blessed to have a warm and sunny August.
The owner had also left us the use of her car and Trigger spent 2 days a week with a dog walker, so we had some days to ourselves to explore.
We visited some amazing gardens and National Trust properties such as Hughenden Manor Park,  Ashridge House and Waddesdon Manor which was the home of the mega rich banking family – the Rothschild’s.
We also visited and cycled around Cambridge and Glenn went into London twice to visit some museums.

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All to quickly Trigger’s family returned from holiday and it was time to say a sad goodbye to our new friend.
A new adventure and house sit awaits us now in Spain.

What the owners said“…The house had been beautifully looked after, and the dog was very happy particularly as he’d received many more walks than we usually manage to give him. He had clearly been given lots of care, attention and affection as well as exercise, and I genuinely think he missed them when they left….”

To see the full testimonial click here

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