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Lilly and Mindy

Morning walk in the park with Lilly and Mindy
Morning walk in the park with Lilly and Mindy

This is our first house sit in our home country, Australia, and we are sitting for long-time friends from Skye, just 20 minutes from our home town, for 11 days while they are away on a cruise.

We have been house sitting overseas and this arrangement to sit for Margaret and Peter was a commitment we made before we left on our travels two years ago .

Mindy is a 14yo Pomerian.

She has the sweetest face and loves her ‘smacko’ treats. On our walks, we affectionately referred to Mindy as ‘Dora the Explorer’ as she loved to stop and investigate every tree, fence post and grassy area. Often leaving ‘her scent’ behind. She is a lap dog and after dinner she would find a comfortable lap to sit on for the evening and receive, or should I say ‘demand’, lots of cuddles.

Lilly is a 9 year old Spoodle (in other countries also called a Cockapoo).

She was Jacqueline’s shadow and would follow her everywhere around the house. At bedtime, Lilly would always be sleeping by Jacqueline’s side. On our morning walks Lilly was like a marathon runner. It was all about the ‘walk’, only pausing to have a talk (bark) to her doggy friends through the fence.

Our typical day with these two sweet girls involved kibbles for breakfast, followed by a morning walk. Dinner (for Mindy & Lilly) was mid-afternoon and was a mixture of canned food and fresh meat, a few dog biscuits and then smacko’s at bedtime with lots of cuddles in between.

Playtime with Mindy
Playtime with Mindy

These two sweet ladies were so adorable and a delight to look after we are already making arrangements to return when we are in Australia again.

What the home owners said – “..When we arrived home, the house and garden were immaculate, roses on the table. Our dogs said “hello” to us and then went back to Glenn and Jacqueline for more cuddles. It can’t get any better than this....”

Click here to see the full reference.

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  1. They look like lovely dogs and it sounds like you enjoyed yourselves very much – housesitting in Australia is a great way to go when we are at ‘home’ 🙂

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