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Bailey and Sam

Sam and Bailey enjoying the beach

We spent 2 months house sitting in Australia starting in February 2018. It was great to be ‘home’ to see friends and family again after being away for almost a year. However, it did feel ‘odd’ house sitting close to where we used to live as we had previously only house sat in locations outside of Australia.

We secured 4 house sits for our time in Australia. Three of them were for friends, which was fantastic. Besides already knowing the ‘home owners’ it enabled us to spend  additional time with them as we hadn’t seen them for several years.

Our first house sit was in Skye (Lilly and Mindy), the other three were no more than 30 minutes away from each other, which made it really easy for moving from one sit to another. Unlike our overseas sits there were no planes or trains to catch!


Our second sit was for Sandra and Neil where we were looking after their two gorgeous and playful dogs for 10 days.

Bailey was a beautiful 9 year old Golden Retriever.  This was our second sit caring for a golden retriever and this breed of dog is well mannered and gentle, considering their larger size.


Sam was a 14 year old mixed breed or ‘bitsa’ as we sometimes refer to them. He was unusual looking in that he had an overbite and his two front legs were bow-legged and his paws pointed outwards. But he was still gorgeous.


Even though Sam was 14 years old he had lots of energy and he and Bailey loved to play together. Sam did most of the ‘running and chasing’ and Bailey was very gentle and tolerant with him.

Our typical routine with these two pooches was two daily walks, even though most days we fitted in a third (shorter) walk. We also had play time in the ‘big’ yard where they would play fetch with their toys and later in the day Sam and Bailey would come inside and ‘chill out’ until bedtime.

Whenever Sam and Bailey came into the house they’d get a dog biscuit each. There was no chance of you forgetting because they both made a dash to the cupboard and stayed there until you give them their biscuit.  They were also very fond of apples, so we found ourselves sharing our apples with them too.

Mexican stand off seconds before play fighting began!!

Our ten days with them passed by too quickly and it was a sad day as we said goodbye to these adorable boys.

What the home owners said – “..Glenn and Jacqueline truly cared for our boys, and gave them the best love and attention anyone could have asked for……”

Click here to see the full reference.

2 thoughts on “Bailey and Sam”

    1. Yes it is strange/fun. But we think the trick next time is doing house sits in new areas not close to where we know. That way the area will be totally new to us and full of surprises. 🙂


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