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An excitable duo – Marlie and Annie

Marlie (L) and Annie (R)

On this sit we found ourselves looking after two tiny Jack Russells for three weeks for a friend we have known for over 20 years.

These ‘two girls’ have a very different personality from the dogs at our previous sit.

When we arrived at Andrew’s house, Marlie was excited and nervous at the same time. She spent at least five minutes barking at us while making up her mind whether or not she liked us. Thankfully she decided she ‘liked us’ and we became very good friends.

Marlie is 1 year old and is full of energy. You could walk Marlie up a mountain and she would be ready to do it all again. Marlie also had a reputation of being mischevious (at times), so we made sure she got plenty of exercise and attention.

Mischievous Marlie

Annie is 7 years old.  She is a little sweetie, a real lady, who also loves her walks. When we would get the lead and harness, she would show her excitement by making a loud whimpering (almost singing) sound.

The more mature lady of the house – Annie

Our typical day with Marlie and Annie would start as soon as we got up to take the girls outside for a wee.  They have access to a ‘dog flap’ but Marlie still needed to be encouraged to go outside first thing in the morning and again before bedtime.

Dry food was ‘available’ all day for Marlie and Annie, so their main meal was around 5pm which consisted of fresh chicken and mixed (frozen) vegetables.  Yes! You heard right, these two little Jack Russells would get their meat and 3 veggies for dinner each night.

We would take the girls for two walks each day and stopped in at the fully enclosed dog park too.  The dog park was a good place to let the ‘girls’ off leash and Marlie could ‘run-off’ extra energy by chasing balls.

When we returned home, we would spend another 10 minutes throwing the ball in the backyard or down the long hallway.

Annie and Marlie out for a walk

Annie and Marlie slept in the same bed with us. Annie would sleep under the covers while Marlie would sleep on top. After the first night, Glenn found that four in a bed was a little cramped so he moved into the spare bedroom. But, he wasn’t completely forgotten, because in the morning the ‘girls’ would jump onto the bed and lick his face until he got up.

We had a lovely time sitting for Marlie and Annie and miss the ‘quiet’ time we spent together on the couch in the evening watching a movie.

What the home owners said – “..While away I was fully able to relax and enjoy myself, and not worry about the girls or the house, as I knew it was in good hands. I could not have been happier with Glenn and Jacquis’ professionalism…”

Click here to see the full reference.

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